How frequently can I refresh the weather?

You can refresh the weather anytime you want. However, the app downloads the weather data no more than:

  • For premium users:
    • every 10 minutes for textual data or for radar (weather map layer);
    • every 15 minutes for satellite (weather map layer);
    • every hour for other weather map layers;
  • For non-premium users:
    • every hour for textual data;
    • every 4 hours for weather maps (regardless of the layer).

Textual data is the kind of information used in most cases, e.g., for current conditions or for daily/hourly forecast, but excluding weather maps.

If you refresh more often than the above frequencies, the app will use the most recently downloaded weather information, instead of fetching new data. Weather conditions won’t change, but the app will select some other matching descriptions for your entertainment.