• Changed the primary weather provider to AerisWeather. Premium users can
    change it back to Dark Sky at any time.
  • Extended the daily forecast to 2 weeks for all users (previously available
    only to premium users).
  • Improved the custom location form. It now shows a map on which you can check
    if your custom location is right. You can also pick a place from the map, without
    typing its name.
  • Fuckton of new weather phrases (anyone surprised?)
  • Added an option to customize text and icons’ color in the navigation drawer.
  • Added an option to customize text and icons’ color on toolbars
    (previously they were always white which looked shitty on bright backgrounds).
  • Fixed an issue which prevented some of you from setting your custom colors.
    The app will warn you if you set similar foreground and background colors instead of
    silently rejecting your settings.
  • Added an option to define the Sun’s disc distance below the horizon,
    from which the app considers the Sun to be set (e.g. civil or astronomical twilight). You can use those settings to adjust e.g. from which time the app has to display moon icon instead of sun or to switch from light to dark color scheme. The more degrees you set, the later the app will react to day → night change or the earlier to night → day switch. There’re two separate settings for that. One setting  is only for sunset/sunrise forecasts (you can change it e.g. to display golden hour time, useful for photographers), the other is for the interface (icons and theme).
  • Shitloads of small improvements. Will anyone ever notice even one of them?
  • Fixed some shitty bugs and crashes.